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Numbers in the 410-736-xxxx range are located in the BALTIMORE, area.

Numbers in the 410-736-xxxx range are located in the Eastern Time Zone.

Numbers in the 410-736-xxxx range are serviced by NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS.

Numbers in the 410-736-xxxx range are typically of type WIRE.

Map of Geographical Area

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Free Reverse Lookup 410-736-#### Listings (Current and Archived)

410-736-0085Approved Equipment Inc
(on Fernham Main Ct)
410-736-0085Approved Equipment Inc
(on Penn Belt Pl)
410-736-0093Deborah Mcgettigan
(on Antrim Ct)
410-736-0093Patrick H Mcgettigan
(on Antrim Ct)
410-736-0151Project Focus Inc
(on N Fulton Ave)
410-736-0151Project Focus Inc
(on N Fulton Ave Fl 1)
410-736-0163B Petersheim410-736-0303Friendship Woodworks & D
(on Po Box)
410-736-0660A-1 Fire Protection Serv
(on Strawberry Field Rd)
410-736-0914Hoelz Engineering Servic
(on Windsor Ct)
410-736-1045Thompson Kristi410-736-1126Sotobox
(on Main St)
410-736-1300Peoples Security Bank
(on Wincopin Cir)
410-736-1306Securwireless Inc
(on Forest Dr)
410-736-1306Securwireless Inc
(on Rainswood Dr)
410-736-1360Merci Me Memories
(on E Cold Spring Ln)
410-736-1570Dr E S Sars Scntfic Cons
(on Stoneybrook Rd)
410-736-1740J L Crites & Assoc
(on Hadel Dr)
410-736-1740Jl Crites & Assoc Llc
(on Hadel Dr)
410-736-1851Pdg Tech
(on Hearthstone Rd)
(on Wye Ave)
410-736-1962Millennium Inc
(on Silver Trumpet Dr)
410-736-1962Millennium Inc
(on Wye Ave)
410-736-1996Marcellino Coll
410-736-2121Jones Leroy410-736-2331Murray Educational Svcs
(on Po Box)
410-736-2332Joseph D Conger
(on Lanarkshire Way)
410-736-2341Kms Consulting Llc
(on Sassafras Ct)
410-736-2344Ray S Welding
(on Edenbrook Rd)
410-736-2344Ray's Welding
(on Eden Brook Dr)
410-736-2518Beachwood Distributors I
(on Greencove Cir)
410-736-2566David Hardy
(on Pinetop Ln)
410-736-2566David Hardy Design
(on Pinetop Ln)
410-736-2778Diamond Home & Handy Ser
(on 1915b Chain Bridge Rd)
410-736-3273Stone Samara Lcsw C
(on Myamby Rd)
410-736-3333Swain Kinyetta
410-736-3333Udich Betty410-736-3461Brole Richard410-736-3469Williams Jonath
410-736-3631African Amrcn Brstfding
(on Woltham Ct)
410-736-3631Katherine W Barber
(on Woltham Ct)
410-736-3688U S Government Of Contin
(on E Main St)
410-736-3777Metropolitan Services In
(on Po Box)
(on Convention Center Dr)
410-736-3884Consumers International
(on Convention Center Dr)
410-736-4170Delaware State Of Mental
(on Broad St)
410-736-5026Unique & Beauty
(on E Lanvale St)
410-736-5069Rosa Lewis
(on Dr Benjamin Quarles Pl)
410-736-5170W M Schlosser Co Inc
(on Bush St)
410-736-5177Cynthia Mwangi
(on Greenmount Ave)
410-736-5325Ensor, Scott
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-5368Eybel, Lee
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-5371Geoffrey Burroughs Fncl
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-5373Hart, Thornley
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-5384Boyer, Phillip
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-5407Fallace, Paul
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-5432Kimmerle, Thomas
(on S Exeter St)
410-736-6348Candace Anderson
(on Elmora Ave)
410-736-6348Terry Anderson
(on Elmora Ave)
410-736-6379Carl W Lormamd
(on Little Patuxent Pky)
410-736-6410Bennie Smith Funeral Hom
(on Rr 298)
410-736-6440M & W Distribution410-736-6440M & W Distribution
(on Sequoia Way)
410-736-6706Cletus J Moyer
(on Beech Dr)
410-736-6868Alarmwatch Inc410-736-7423Pampered Chef
(on W Pulaski Hwy)
410-736-7955Allpro Heating & Ac Inc
(on Bel Air Rd)
410-736-8041Stephanie L Barlow
(on Beech Dr)
410-736-8305G L Intl Corp
(on Berger Rd)
410-736-8352Constructive Llc
(on Halcyon Ct)
410-736-8672Dawn Rogers410-736-8717Jll Development
(on Shaker Dr)
410-736-8717Jll Development & Cnstr
(on Shaker Dr)
410-736-8720Unni Moorkath410-736-9011Donovan Lisa
410-736-9132Brett Levinson Md Llc
(on Rosetta Rd)
410-736-9530Impact Research Llc
(on Ellicott Center Dr)
410-736-9585Nice Design Painting
(on Ringold Valley Cir)
410-736-9666Kumarchandran Shankari
(on Wilkens Ave)
410-736-9814Sdh & Assoc Inc
(on Groveland Ave)
410-736-9838Group Henry Wine
(on W Lanvale St)
410-736-9989Busy Bees House Cleaning410-736-9989Busy Bees House Cleaning
(on Heartwood Rd)


What is a Reverse Telephone Search?

A Reverse Telephone Search (or "Reverse Lookup") allows you to enter any telephone number, and obtain details of the owner of that telephone number. Available details in a full reverse telephone report may include:

  • Owner Address
  • Owner Age
  • Owner Date of Birth
  • Possible Relatives of Owner
  • Possible Business Affiliations of Owner
  • Up to 20-year Address History of the Owner

Free details that are available on this site include telephone number, owner name, address, business or residence indicator, and year the listing was last observed.

What kind of phone numbers can be reversed?

Reverse Telephone Search works for cellular phones, land-line phones (whether residential or business, listed or unlisted numbers), and even many VoIP providers. Information is obtained from local phone companies, cellular carriers, and public record databases. All information is obtained 100% legally and discreetly, and the owner will not know you requested this information.

You can use Reverse Telephone Search for any lawful purpose. Here are some examples:

  • Identify unknown callers
  • Help stop prank callers and harrassment
  • Look up unrecognized numbers on your bill
  • Verify identities and obtain details of associates
  • Help prevent fraud or victimization
How long does it take to reverse a phone number?

All information is processed in real-time and your report is delivered in a matter of seconds, directly to your web browser.


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